About Us

Efficient Electric Corp.

Efficient Electric Corp. was formed in July, 1978 in Columbus, Ohio.  The company mission was, and still is, to provide quality electrical construction services to our customers at a reasonable price.  Additionally, there have been too few companies that provide 24-hour emergency service in the central Ohio area, whether it be a homeowner who loses power in the middle of the night, or a business that loses power or has other electrical problems that interfere with the operation of the business during normal business hours.  Efficient Electric Corp. provides emergency electrical service 24/7, simply by calling the office at any hour of the night or day. 

Efficient Electric Corp. does residential and commercial work.  We do industrial work, fire alarms wiring, motor controls, electric gates, and access control systems. The company also provides fire, flood (or other calamity) restoration services. We do not do highway or high tension work.

Our company is licensed, bonded and insured. We operate a merit shop!!

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