Whole House Generators

Efficient Electric Corp.

Keep Everything Running Smoothly

When a storm hits, the risk of the power going out in your home is greatly increased. There are multiple lines outside exposed to extreme elements, and this can force you to be without your essentials. A whole house generator can be a tremendous addition to your home for a number of reasons. We install and maintain these generators to provide power to the entire house whenever you risk an outage.

With Efficient Electric Corp., you can be sure that you won't lose power to your most essential electrical appliances, including but not limited to:

  • HVAC Systems
  • Computers
  • Refrigerators
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers
  • Home Theater Systems

By protecting your home from power outages, you can save money on other items that can be affected when these appliances shut down. We can handle the installation and maintenance of whole house generators to keep your home appliances running smoothly in any weather condition.

Be prepared for a power outage. Get a backup generator!

Nothing is scarier than being unprepared for a power outage during a storm. Why suffer without electricity or heat? It may be hours - or even days - before your power could be restored. At Efficient Electric Corp., we highly encourage you to consider a backup generator for these unpredictable situations.

Automatic backup generators immediately senses a power failure and delivers power to your entire home in a matter of seconds. This happens automatically and effortlessly until the power returns - even when you are not at home. The backup generator runs on your home's natural fuel supply, and can provide power to your home for days. With a whole house standby generator, you'll never be without power again!